Candle Care

Our candles are great as a decorative feature, however should you wish to burn them for short periods of time please adhere to the following recommendations. 

Due to the nature of these types of candles, once lit, wax will melt in an unpredictable manner. To avoid damage to your surfaces, please place your candle on a flat surface before lighting. 
Each candle is handmade, colour and small imperfections will vary. Frosting and micro air bubbles occurs naturally with rapeseed wax and this does not affect the candle. 

Kandlycandles candles are hand poured in The Netherlands with only the finest rapeseed wax. 

To ensure an even and smoke-free burn we recommend the following care: 
  • Before each light, please ensure to trim your wick to 5mm and place your candle on a flat heat proof surface. 
  • Please never leave your candle unattended. Keep away for children, pets, home furnishings and drafts.